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About usAbout us
Founded in 1978 by Mr. Ángel Zaplana. In 1985, the company´s management was passed to his son, Mr. Miguel Ángel Zaplana and that is when new drilling equipment and systems began to be developed and incorporated.

Today, it works with all drilling systems that exist for water extraction. Rotary percussion with down-the-hole hammer drills, direct rotation with drilling fluid and reverse circulation.

Pumping equipment is also available in order to measure the existing well flows.

About usAbout us
Aforiol has a technical department under the direction of Mining Engineer, Mr. José Antonio Zaplana.

Aforiol, S.L. is a family-based and structured company that has completed 500 drilling jobs in the last 10 years, always leaving a mark of quality and reliability behind.

Aforiol, S.L. is a Spanish Ministry of Industry certified business and is classified as a category K2 contractor.