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Wells for houses and private individuals:

Drilling to extract groundwater at your cottage or house can be an interesting solution to covering the scarcity or lack of water that often occurs.

Lately and due to the development of cottages, there has been an increased demand for drilling to supply them. Over the last few years, we have been able to supply a large number of cottages.

Large diameter and depth wells:

When larger volumes of water are needed either to supply towns and/or irrigation communities, greater diameters are drilled.

We use rotary percussion drilling for a drill hole diameter of 485 on building land and reverse circulation for holes up to 660 millimetres in diameter for sedimentary areas with looser soil. The depths can exceed 500 metres.

Well appraisal:

Appraisals are recommended as they provide a lot of information on the groundwater such as: how much water drilling will get, where the dynamic level is (very useful for saving the most on pump energy use), more information on the aquifer so as not to over-exploit it and make reasonable use of the water, hydrogeological parameters, environmental conditions and/or decontamination of the aquifer, etc.